LaCimbali M1/TS

Superautomatics are bean-to-cup machines as they are able to prepare a cup of coffee by simply pushing a button. Once the desired drink is selected, the machine automatically doses and grinds the coffee, doses the milk, extracts the coffee, delivers the beverage in the cup, expels the spent dry coffee-grounds. Superautomatic machines differ in features and productivity.

Pama Roma cr200

Pama Roma Macchina per crêpes con capacità produttiva oraria di n° pezzi 400 c. – a produzione continua – possibilità di sostituire i rulli formatori (tondo o quadro) – con un rullo in dotazione formato tondo o quadro ad altissimo rendimento per minore alimentazione di corrente e stabilità di cottura – regolazione elettronica della temperatura tramite termostato digitale – temporizzatore regolabile per ottenere il formato quadro con lunghezza da mm 35 a sfoglia continua e larghezza massima mm 180 – macchina costruita interamente in acciaio inox ed alluminio anodizzato e’ conforme alle normative CEdimensioni bxpxh mm 7510 x 260 + 520 (nastro trasportatore) x 370 h
peso kg 35 c. prod/h n° pezzi 400 c.
larghezza crêpes formato quadro mm 180
diametro crêpes formato tondo mm 180
potenza KW 2,6 alimentazione volt 220-1F



Pama Parsi Macchine, presents a new solution “Patented” for those who want to produce fresh pasta. This is a complete studied workstation concentrated in a small space, only 150 cm, which was tested by our Pasta Chef and by the most demanding. This location thanks to its small size and to the extreme facility of transport on wheels, it lends itself to become the best partner in all the circumstances in which it is necessary an entire “pocket” pasta shop: Catering, Delicatessens, Restaurants,Holiday’s farms, Fairs, Promotions directly to retail outlets for products that require the production of fresh pasta. Here are the details:

Faema Enova

The Enova is the new Faema machine for espresso coffee professionals.  The Enova was designed to deliver an excellent in-the-cup result with limited effort.  The Enova combines functionality with a modern, elegant style, in line with Faema’s best tradition in espresso coffee machines.  Its appealing colours, soft lines and modern design make the Enova a unique machine.  The Enova is available in 1, 2 and 3 groups in the automatic version where coffee is delivered according to previously programmed doses.

Faema Emblema

The Emblema is the latest espresso machine by Faema able to impose the values and prestige of the Italian excellence.  With the Emblema, the coffee world will never be the same again.  As charismatic as every top-of-the-line products must be, the Emblema is an innovative machine capable of touching both the heart and mind. Designed by Giugiaro, the Emblema is exceptionally elegant, but behind its stainless steel panel, the Emblema keeps unmatched levels of productivity and safety, technical features and comfort of use which take the well-known Faema reliability to new heights.  The push buttons are precise and easy to use, while the large stainless steel working area lets the barista move faster and speeds up cleaning.  The graphic display is easy to read and the large cup warmer allows keeping several cups within reach.  Finally, the slanted porterfilters make this machine extremely comfortable to use.  The Emblema is available in 2, 3 and 4 groups in the automatic version where coffee is delivered according to previously programmed doses.

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