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Faema Enova

The Enova is the new Faema machine for espresso coffee professionals.  The Enova was designed to deliver an excellent in-the-cup result with limited effort.  The Enova combines functionality with a modern, elegant style, in line with Faema’s best tradition in espresso coffee machines.  Its appealing colours, soft lines and modern design make the Enova a […]

Pama Roma Cappelletti Machine mod. RC/2 N

Pama Roma Cappelletti and agnolotti machine – with double mould shape cappelletto/agnolotto PN02 -hourly production of KGs 50 about – the change from one shape to another is possible with the machine in motion by the simple rotation of a lever – possibility to change moulds (tortellone excluded) – equipped with anti-accident devices Marking CE […]

Pama Roma Ravioli Machine mod. RN/120-SC

Pama Roma Ravioli machine with separated product – hourly production of KGs 60 about -discontinuous filling because the machine need to be stopped before add filling – with double sheet of pasta -ideal to produce ravioli with either soft fillings (cheese and/or vegetables) or with meat, in various consistencies and sizes – equipped with one […]


Cutter bench PAINTED to 5 mm long cuts from 1,25-2-4-6-12 and automatic device for the cutting of 3 formats for quadrucci. Completely overhauled. Electrical system in accordance with EC. Disnobilità immediately 2 pcs. Real deal.


Pasteurizer used by 1.5 ml, made entirely of stainless steel for the pasteurization of fresh filled pasta (ravioli, cappelletti). Hourly capacity of 30 kg, two frames in stainless steel collection of product, adjustment of the temperature and variation of the speed of the conveyor belt. Possibility of LPG or CNG. Immediate availability. Real deal.

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