Pama Roma Press Extruder Pasta Machine mod. P/30

Pama Roma Press machine that can produce sheet of pasta or other shapes changing the dies – hourly production of KGs 25 about of sheet of pasta – it is ideal for small pasta factories, restaurants and institutions that want toproduce different kinds of pasta, even in small batches – the attachment of the winding mod. BS/ (bobbin-boy) allows for the production of sheets of pasta which can be subsequently feed the ravioli, cappelletti and agnolotti machines, too (furnished only on request) – equipped with a cutter for short cuts and fan with stainless steel frames – water cooling system on the extruder head – equipped with one die for sheet of pasta mm 280 width and fixed thickness – equipped with anti-accident devices – machine in stainless steel version
marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases + N
Power: kW 1,3
Output KGs/h: 25 about of sheet of pasta (pounds 5,6)
Dimensions: mm 640 X 700 X 1280 H
Weight: KGs 200 about die for sheet of pasta mm 280 width (inches 11)
mixer-capacity total kgs 16 (flour/bran and liquid)

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