Your all in one Solution for the production of Shaped, Short Cut, Long Cut Pasta. Ravioli and Lasagna Sheets. Our compact design will fit any Restaurant Kitchen, Pasta Production Shop, Deli and Supermarket.

Its compact design in Stainless Steel allows the user to extrude sheets (sfoglia), and any shape pasta imaginable. This is what the Pastation Contains:

Pama Roma P/10 Extruder: The Extruder has a water cooling system on the extrusion head and a removable mixing shaft. Just like our larger production size models! Produce your favorite shapes such as Spaghetti, Fusilli, Maccheroni, Shells, Penne. And many others. Just by changing the dies.

Pama Roma RN/80 Ravioli machine: Incorporated for the most perfect shaped ravioli just like our larger production size models.

Pama Roma TLB/4:  Sheeter and Cutter (Sfogliatrice & Taglierina) attached just like our larger production size models the rollers are stainless steel with adjustable thickness to laminate a pasta sheet for lasagna 200 mm wide. The cutter produces 4 different long cuts. Tagliolini, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle and Pappardelle.

The Pama Roma Pastation is equipped with the same Pre-Driers as our larger production models. It comes standard with 7 trays 60 x 40 cm to remove the surface moisture of fresh pasta.

The Pastation also includes a stainless steel flour bin with a hinged opening and has a capacity of 50 kg.
The Pastation is equipped with 3 drawers for tools. Pama Roma Pastation also has an optional blast freezer.

Technical Specifications

Hourly output: 12 – 15 kg.  –  Capacity of Mixer: 8 kg (semolina and liquid)  –  Die diameter: 89 mm

Dimensions (D x H x W):  1500 mm  x 800 mm x 1500 mm  –  Weight: 270 kg  –  Sheet width for Cutter (Taglierina): 200 mm

Standard cuts on Cutter Machine (Taglierina):  2 – 4 – 8 – 12  –  Sheet width for Ravioli Machine: 80 mm

Motors: 400 v 3 phase or 230 v 1 phase


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