Pama Roma Press Extruder Pasta Machine mod. P/10

Pama Roma Mod. P/10 little press machine that can produce sheet of pasta or other shapes changing the dies -hourly production of KGs 10 about of sheet of pasta – with one vat mixer-capacity total kgs 8 – it is ideal for small pasta factories and restaurants -equipped with a cutter for short cuts – water cooling system on the extruder head – product ventilation outlet – equipped with one die for sheet of pasta – mixer shaft can be extract – equipped with anti-accident devices
Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220 monophase
Power: kW 1
Output KGs/h: 10 about of sheet of pasta (pounds 2,2)
Dimensions: mm 550 x 650 x h. 700
Weight: KGs 80 about
mixer-capacity total kgs 8 (flour/bran and liquid)

FAEMA 2 Group Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

We have been in the espresso machine business for 30 years now. During this time, we have been one of the largest proponents of refurbished espresso machines. We sold thousands of them. With an over 97% satisfaction rating, and when you consider that we stand behind the machines we sell 100%, then you can see that only a very minute part we had to bring back for repairs within the first 6 months. This machine, in particular, works as good as new, and because it is a simple unit (meaning not overly dependent on electronics) very much like new its performance. The age of the machine is not a factor when we have our technicians take them apart and reassemble them.


Cutter bench PAINTED to 5 mm long cuts from 1,25-2-4-6-12 and automatic device for the cutting of 3 formats for quadrucci. Completely overhauled. Electrical system in accordance with EC. Disnobilità immediately 2 pcs. Real deal.


Pasteurizer used by 1.5 ml, made entirely of stainless steel for the pasteurization of fresh filled pasta (ravioli, cappelletti). Hourly capacity of 30 kg, two frames in stainless steel collection of product, adjustment of the temperature and variation of the speed of the conveyor belt. Possibility of LPG or CNG. Immediate availability. Real deal.


Pama Roma Dryer with 4 drawers to remove surface moisture of fresh filled pasta made ​​of stainless steel. Immediate availability. Top Value!

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